Building Surveys

At Carter-Zub Building Consultancy we provide advice and technical expertise on a range of different building surveys. We always work to ensure excellent response times and provide comprehensive surveys and reports suited to the client's requirements. Carter's will recommend cost effective solutions, whilst demonstrating astute commercial awareness.

Our various building surveys are designed to suit a range of individual requirements. By gathering accurate information we can assist with decisions on investment, design and development plans, purchase choices, planned maintenance, insurance reinstatement valuations, structural needs and condition works.

Carter-Zub Building Consultancy has a broad range of experience in various fields and can advise on which survey will best suit your needs. 


Acquisition Surveys

Acquisition surveys are undertaken by a qualified building surveyor. Acquisition surveys are a fundamental part of any property transaction. This type of building survey assists in determining the viability and any potential liabilities of a proposed property investment. A Carter's acquisition survey will include detailed evaluation of all building materials, as well as any mechanical and electrical engineering services. 

Homebuyers Surveys

Homebuyer reports are needed for several reason and highlight any potential problems:

·         They helps to confirm the properties condition and gives peace of mind to you, the buyer.

·         It highlights potential and hazardous issues minimising risk and advice on the remedies.

·         It will highlight potential and future maintenance that may be required now or in the future.

·         It will give an indication to the property value so you can be sure you are getting value for money.

Our professional surveying service will include arranging the inspection date with the vendor on your behalf and then proceeding to carry out a full and thorough visual inspection of the external and internal elements of the property.

 Please note that our surveyors will not lift carpets, floorboards or move heavy objects or personal items such as furniture. They will comment and offer their personal opinion of the sections required in the RICS Home Buyers report. Our practice uses only the latest industry equipment to enable us to gain accurate readings in regards to damp and moisture throughout the properties we inspect.

 If a valuation figure is requested, the overall condition of the property will be taken into account and then compared to similar properties within the area then have recently sold. Our surveys will then give their opinion on whether they think the asking price is fair in the current property market.

Building Surveys

A full building survey is one of the most in depth and comprehensive reports of its kind. It should be used for larger or older properties, or when planning on major works. They include inspecting the condition of each individual element of the house to identify the property’s defects and then give a verdict on the apparent cause and the urgency of repair required.

Measured Surveys

Carter-Zub offer measured surveys as a means to providing accurate plans and elevations of premises. This type of survey is a crucial aid in any design plan, providing a visual representation from which alteration, renovation or repair can be considered. Measured surveys also provide a good basis from which to submit any planning applications. Such detailed plans also assist in making the best use of the space available in the property. Having a 3D rendering of the space enables clients to visualise and better understand proposed designs.

Structural Surveys

Our structural surveys provide an examination of all aspects of a building's structure and identify any potential problems and defects. Once completed, the client will receive a detailed report identifying any structural issues alongside options and any costs associated with the proposed remedial work. 

Schedule of Condition

It may be prudent to limit future repairing liabilities by commissioning a detailed schedule of condition of a property in order to obtain agreement with opposing surveyors for any works required prior to completion of sale / development. Schedule of condition surveys are important prior to any redevelopment or agreement to lease, in order to protect developers, landlords, tenants, construction companies and any adjoining owners. 

Planned Maintenance

By undertaking a full condition survey of a building and identifying all areas of disrepair to the building's fabric as well as its shortcomings in services and installations Carter's is able to provide a cost effective solution to building maintenance; protecting property values and improving efficiency.

Depending on the client's requirements, Carter's Building Consultancy can also produce a fully priced Schedule of Works, complete with planned action dates. This allows our clients to accurately budget for any required building repairs and improvements in the future. Planned maintenance schedules may be tailored to a client’s specific needs, whether related to the building or the property as a whole.