Have You Been Thinking About Extending Your Home Or Office? Well Time To Make It A Reality

In May 2013, changes came into force to allow permitted development for home extensions; to increase the size limits for the depth of single-storey domestic extensions from 4m to 8m (for detached houses) and from 3m to 6m (for all other houses) in non-protected areas, for a period of three years. This temporary permitted development has now been extended until May 2019.

The new rules allow larger extensions to homes, offices and shops to be made without submitting a planning application. Instead, these extensions will be subject to a "light touch" neighbours' consultation scheme. Terraced properties will be able to make rear extensions of up to 6m and semi-detached properties of up to 8m. Extensions on both types of properties will be limited to 4m in height.

Carters Building Consultancy (CBC) can provide early design advice, preparing plans and budget estimates helping you achieve the right results first time round.

Plans and elevations are still required for the neighbours consultation scheme, CBC can help with cost effective innovative solutions.

Building Regulation approval will also still be required. CBC can provided technical detailed drawings for your project. Having a professional on board at an early stage, CBC can advise on the best way to get value for money when building your extension. Typically the normal householder will go to two or three builders asking for a quote.

This approach is fine however, how do you know that all three contractors are pricing exactly the same type of materials and constructing the extension in the same way? You don’t! Giving you a simple example: one may be using expensive materials and more labour on site, whereas another contactor might be using low-cost materials and only one trade person on site at one time. 
These characteristics will have an impact on your quotations.

CBC can provide a service by sending your project out to tender, provide construction contracts ensuring all builders/contractors are pricing for the same type of construction, materials and time required on site. Making this a cost effective and competitive professional service. This provides you with reassurance that your extension will be built in line with current Building Regulations.

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