Carter's appointed providing feasibility designs for hotel main entrance refurbishment!

Project Brief:

We will be providing architectural design for new front entrance remodelling project for a Hotel in St Anne's

Our appointment will be broken down into four main stages. Stage one has just commenced.

• Stage 1 – Architectural design and feasibility study.
• Stage 2 – Detailed design and submission of full planning application for the final proposal.
• Stage 3 – Develop detailed design and tender package.
• Stage 4 – On site Contract administration/Project Management/ Principal Designer Role

Stage 1 – Architectural design and feasibility study.

To undertake a feasibility study, in accordance with the outline layout plan discussed from our brief meeting. We will provide plans and 3D illustration of the proposed development.

Scope of services

  1. CBC’s appointment would provide the following professional discipline services:
  2. Client design meeting and brief with Architect.
  3. Liaise with local planning authority to discuss development and see whether proposal would likely get approval or not to help decide to proceed with services proposed.
  4. Measured survey internally and externally.Provide minimum of three design options for remodelling front entrance including existing and proposed plans, cross section, elevations, 3d floor plan /sections and 3d rendered visualisations (day/night) for all three options.
  5. Advise on statutory approvals such as building regulations and planning requirements.
  6. Meeting to present options and provide final option.
  7. Provide budget costs for each layout to help client decide as to which option they would like to procced to detailed design stage and submit planning application to local authority.

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