Planning permission granted at the Elgin Hotel, Blackpool!

Elgin Shelter.jpg

Project recently receiving planning permission for a newly designed smoking shelter at the Elgin Hotel, Blackpool. Carter-Zub provided the architectural design, visual representations and completed the planning application on the clients behalf. The design includes a glazed seating area offering projection from the elements on the sea front.

Did you know that the UK regulations on smoking shelters states that they must not be substantially enclosed. This means is that no more than 50% off the shelter should be enclosed. To achieve this, sides of the build can be open whist still having a roof to provide a shelter.

We have ensured that our design incorporates the above whilst providing protection from the Blackpool weather.

Services Provided:

Stage 1: Full measured survey

Stage 2: Architectural Design and Feasibility Study

Stage 3: Submission of full plans for the Proposal

Stage 4: Technical Construction Drawings